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(including current bibliography of Middle East and African geology)

An essential quarterly reference series on all aspects of African Geoscience
(geology, mineral, petroleum, water resources and environment).

The AGR presents thematic contributions constituting the basis of an up-to-date geoscience reference series on the African continent and neighbouring regions. It aims to encourage international, regional or sub-regional cooperation in the transfer of geoscience information and the exchange of interesting data between research institutions, industrial and service sectors.

The AGR promotes the publication of special issues and memoires on major themes, and regionally-oriented contributions emphasizing applied aspects of the Earth Sciences. These include review articles or the results of new research in the following fields: Geology, Geomorphology, Environmental Geology, Hydrogeology, Mineral Exploration, Sedimentology, Toxic Waste Management and Remote Sensing.

Offers of papers for publication are welcomed. Contributors should send 3 copies of completed manuscripts in English, or in French with extended abstract in English, to the Editor-in-Chief.

For sample/content copy or for more information, please contact the Editor-in-Chief at:

Rock View International,
40 Boulevard Gabriel Péri,
92240 Malakoff, France
Te1:(+33) 9 5102 5161
Fax:(+33) 9 6102 5161

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Annual subscription for AGR volume 20, 2013 @ 550 Euros per year or 150 Euros per issue or 275 Euros for double issues. Available copies of numbers from volumes 1-19 can be obtained on request @ 500/525 Euros per volume or 140 Euros per issue.

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